Review Essay: Deviant Globalization

Posted on June 11, 2011


Stephen Ellis’ “West Africa’s International Drug Trade” is a throughly sourced article breaks the journalistic prose and shows the development of the drug trade in West Africa that has rode the globalization trade winds. South American drug taders responding the saturation of the North American market, growth of competitors in Mexico, and effective interdiction along Caribbean smugggling routes have induced a strategic shift of drug operations to West Africa in order to enter European and Asian drug markets. Another intersting observation relating to globalization is that West African drug traders view the black market as the only way to redistrubte wealth from the northern hemisphere south; mainstream commerical enterprise has effectively kept the southern hemisphere from entering global licit markets. Excelling in the modern business environment, Nigerian drug traffickers in particular have flexibility to fuse experts drawn from different disciplines into smoothly functioning ad hoc teams. Favorable politlcal context offered by ineffective policing and the lack of attention on West Africa has further enabled this emerging hub of narco trafficking.

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