Reblog: The Tyranny of Distance

Posted on February 13, 2012

This post is a reblog of a wordpress page that I recently began following here at Rrugezbulues: The Offshore Balancer. Despite being written for a British audience, I believe it is fairly applicable to the ongoing debate within the American military to reorient our regional forces to be global focused.

The Tyranny of Distance

We live in a small world. How many times have you heard that? How often have you heard that we are hopelessly bound together in a globalised and interconnected village?

In all its different incantations, how much have you been told that twitter, the internet, cheap travel, digitised finance or pandemics mean that we now inhabit a borderless globe, where there is no ‘over here’ or ‘over there’?

And, most importantly of all, how often have we been told that our intervention abroad, especially our armed intervention, is crucial because of the new proximity of security threats, and possible because we have the technology to return fire?

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The Tyranny of Distance