Multi-Paradigmatic Conflict Analysis

Posted on May 4, 2012

     I just finished a year-long fellowship with MIT’s Seminar XXI. The program “explores key policy issues by examining countries and problems critical to American interests through a variety of paradigmatic lenses.” It intends, “to provide concrete frameworks for examining how different paradigms suggest fundamentally different, even conflicting, answers to the questions American policymakers must resolve.”

      In the seminars it was discussed that while paradigms do not necessarily provide immediate answers they enhance our understanding of world affairs. With that in mind, I’ve begun to wonder if there is a body of literature that discusses “Multi-Paradigmatic Conflict Analysis?” Fundamentally, it intends to dissect a conflict by IR theory to find convergence/divergence and potential policy solutions.

      In a brief literature review, I have not found very much at all written on the topic. Less than a handful of references come from Dennis Sandole and Oliver Ramsbotham appears to be limited to arraying conflict resolution theories to vice IR theories.

Ramsbotham, Oliver, (et al.). 2005. Contemporary Conflict Resolution (2nd ed.) Malden MA: Polity Press.

Sandole, Dennis J. D (et al.). 2009. Handbook of conflict analysis and resolution.  London ; New York : Routledge, 2009.

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