The Week Ahead: Disruptive Innovation

Posted on July 22, 2012

As I prepare to head out this week for a conference on Joint Concept Development and Experimentation, I thought that “disruptive innovation” would be a good theme for this week’s posts. Unfortunately, there will be no tweeting or blogging from the conference because of the classification of the conference and facilities. However this week’s posts will be on the back-burner of my mind.

To kick off the week, I will be posting a video of Clay Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and author of the book The Innovator’s Dilemma .

Readers will recognize previous contributor Chris Williams (Thinking Like a Cheetah). Chris is a military strategist who writes about national security, strategic thinking, and American politics. He has a MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with degrees in Security (MA) and History (BA). He is also a colleague of mine at the University of Maryland University College. He offers the suggestions that “Synthesizing Ideas is the Step-Father of Necessity” and “Technology is the Step-Mother of Necessity.”

We’ll wrap up the week with a video on disrupting your career and data visualization of blending learning.

Then? I’m off to Kosovo!