HBR Video: Disrupt Yourself

Posted on July 26, 2012

Success used to be related to experience, knowledge, and skill. A few things have changed. The world of work is increasingly complex—uncertain and volatile, global and diverse—and information is easier to access. As a result, experience and knowledge are less relevant, whereas the capacities to learn and adapt, be resilient, and connect with others have become more crucial. “Disrupt Yourself,” Harvard Business Review, July–August 2012, pg 149.

Whitney Johnson, president and cofounder of Rose Park Advisors, in this video, applies Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen’s concept of disruptive innovation to a creative career path. Christensen describes disruptive innovation as the idea that the most successful innovations are those that create new markets and value networks, thereby upending existing ones. Johnson recommends the following advice to apply disruptive innovation to your career path.

Disrupt Yourself :

1. Target a need that can be met more effectively

2. Identify your disruptive strengths

3. Step back or sideways in order to grow

4. Let your strategy emerge