Haiku: Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Posted on February 4, 2014

understand conflict
fear, honor, and interest
finding peace within

In consideration of the role of aesthetics in the field of conflict analysis and resolution, my professor asked that we create a haiku that represents our vision of the field.  I suspect aesthetics has been part of an undercurrent of not only conflict analysis and resolution but also strategy. At the root of strategy is vision – the why. It is the vision, the why, that inspires the actions. Otherwise we just find ourselves stuck in the unfulfilling metaphor of churning water.

In his recent visit to S-CAR, Johan Galtung, offered advice to present and future practitioners that seems linked in aesthetics and my understanding of strategy. “Someone has to have a vision.” He also offered that this vision is rooted in creativity. Yet a creativity that goes beyond Western understandings dividing the world into good and evil. Holistic visions, he offered, opens the solutions to a number of parties and embraces a little eastern philosophy where contradictions exist naturally.