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How Big Would DoD Budget be Under Sequestration? Historically Big, It Turns Out.

February 16, 2013


How Big Would DoD Budget be Under Sequestration? Historically Big, It Turns Out.. Advertisements

Evolution of the earth’s economic center of gravity

July 17, 2012


                                From The Economist: How the world’s economic centre of gravity has shifted IT IS not exactly news that the world’s economic centre of gravity is shifting east. But it is striking how fast this seems to be happening. In […]

Roubini Video: 2013 Global Perfect Storm

July 15, 2012


Nouriel Roubini discusses “greedy” bankers, the euro-zone crisis and risks facing the global economy in 2013. He speaks in Aix-en-Provence, France, with Bloomberg Television’s Caroline Connan. Bloomberg video here: Roubini Global Perfect Storm

Update (Video): Here’s the TED talk TED doesn’t want you to see

May 17, 2012


Here is the full video of the previously noted here at Pathfinder that TED didn’t want to publish (and still doesn’t). Here is the full text of a speech Nick Hanauer gave in March at the TED University conference. You can’t find the talk online, because TED officials have declared it too politically controversial to post […]

The Great Illusion

March 15, 2012


While written in 2008 (and not at all directed at me), I thought this piece by Paul Krugman offered a slightly contrarian view of my recent writing on the intersection of interdependence and stability. Where Krugman offers that it is an illusion to believe economic interdependence will ride the world of conflict, I believe he is taking an incomplete view […]

Readings in preparation for MIT Seminar XXI

January 24, 2012


What I am reading in preparation for this weekend’s MIT Seminar XXI session: Economic Paradigms: The “Washington Consensus” and Its Critics John Williamson, “A Short History of the Washington Consensus” Joseph E. Stiglitz, “Is There a Post-Washington Consensus Consensus?” Dani Rodrik, “Trading in Illusions” Kenneth Waltz, “Globalization and American Power” Lawrence Harrison, “Culture Matters” Michael […]

Take a Deep Breath, Pentagon

November 3, 2011


via Danger Room By Spencer Ackerman Don’t believe the poverty story that the service chiefs brought to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday morning, shortly after McHugh ended his breakfast meeting. The so-called “sequestration” process that the chiefs fear, whereby automatic congressional cuts decimate the Pentagon budget — in Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s memorable […]