rrugëzbulues – pathfinder

This blog is dedicated to my pathfinding experience. I intend to use this medium to sort through literature, thoughts, and introspection that feeds my research, writing, and legacy.

English English – pathfinder n. pioneer, trailblazer; scout, patroller; leads the way for others

Albanian Albanian n. rrugëzbulues

Spanish Spanish   s. explorador; pionero

French French n. pionnier; éclaireur; avion téléguidé

German German n. Pfadfinder; Bahnbrecher, Wegbereiter

Italian Italian   s. esploratore; (fig) pioniere; (Aer; mil) ricognitore; (Aer) radarfaro

Portuguese Portuguese s. pioneiro; excursionista; avião orientador

Russian Russian с. исследователь, землепроходец, следопыт

Turkish Turkish i. çığır açan kimse, yol gösterici, rehber

Greek Greek   ουσ. ευρίσκων τον δρόμο

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