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Citizen Digital Diplomacy?

February 8, 2014


Yesterday, my morning started with an exchange with Kosovo’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petrit Selimi regarding potential naming conventions of their future armed forces. I suggested to Mr. Selimi that perhaps in a traditional sense of civil-military relations it was inappropriate to have NATO come up with a name. @Petrit @milot yet who's military is it? NATO or […]

Case Study: U.S. European Command

January 18, 2012


Continuing our study of the intersection of interdependence and stability, we applied Model 2 (Swiss Economic Institute Index of Globalization/Worldwide Governance Indicators) to the U.S. European Command’s area of responsibility (see chart). There are six countries that reside in the “Unintegrated-Unstable” quadrant (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kosovo, and Uzbekistan). Eight countries reside in the “Interdependent-Unstable” quadrant (Bosnia […]

America in Africa: A light footprint | The Economist

April 15, 2011


Congress happily pays for weapons but despises weaselly diplomats and woolly development aid, yet they are vital to ensuring that arms stay sheathed. via America in Africa: A light footprint | The Economist.

NATO's Last Mission? – The Washington Post

April 12, 2011


But if this historically unreliable Anglo-French coalition proves unable to sustain a long operation, what then? There is certainly no European force that can replace it. There isn’t even a European foreign policy: Years of diplomacy, debate and endless national referendums culminated, a couple of years ago, in the selection of two powerless figureheads as […]

Defence Ministers Discuss Cooperation in Montenegro

March 16, 2011


At a meeting of the South East European Co-operation Process, SEECP, in Montenegro’s seaside resort of Budva, Sutanovac stressed that Serbia has a significant role in promoting that cooperation He warned that, “despite the evident improvement of the regional spirit and cooperation, we should not close our eyes to obvious problems.” “In addition to the […]

Ex-Pentagon Adviser Says US Should Cut Afghan Aid

March 10, 2011


Reading the Wall Street Journal recently I was struck with a reported estimate that if our budget deficits were not restrained and the national debt reduced, we would soon as a nation reach $900 Billion in interests payments annually. Considering that ~25% of the national debt is owned by foreign entities ($1.1 Trillion by the […]