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In Balkans, Smuggling Forges a Rare Unity

October 29, 2011


via NY Times… But as is often the case in this impoverished region, the truth is more complicated. In this instance, the authorities say, it reveals how a furious effort to protect a lucrative oil-smuggling racket has morphed into an international incident infused with troubling memories of the Balkan ethnic carnage of the ’90s. With […]

Defence: Nato’s troubled terrain –

June 28, 2011


Mr Gates’s tenure as defence secretary has seen many of the Rumsfeld-era wounds healed, thanks in no small part to Mr Gates himself. But as he prepares to leave office on Thursday, that rapprochement is being tested over the skies of Libya, raising new questions over whether Mr Gates’s tenure set Nato on a new, firmer path […]

Terra Incognita – How the Frugal Superpower Navigates Democracy’s Latest Wave – Wikistrat

April 14, 2011


In the rush to define President Barack Obama’s “doctrine” following his decision to lead NATO’s initial no-fly-zone operations in Libya, experts have latched onto every detail’s possible meaning. But in the end, it’s easier to say what his strategy is not than what it is. While frustrating, such ambiguity makes sense for a cost-conscious superpower […]

NATO's Last Mission? – The Washington Post

April 12, 2011


But if this historically unreliable Anglo-French coalition proves unable to sustain a long operation, what then? There is certainly no European force that can replace it. There isn’t even a European foreign policy: Years of diplomacy, debate and endless national referendums culminated, a couple of years ago, in the selection of two powerless figureheads as […]

The Balkanization of the European Union a Blessing in Disguise? « The Global Journal

April 6, 2011


Thus the denouement of the economic crisis in the European Union threatening it with dismemberment may give rise to a savior who will salvage it from its ultimate catastrophe, the Islamization of Europe. The Balkanization of the European Union a Blessing in Disguise? « The Global Journal.    


April 5, 2011


The Best Books on Kosovo

Defence Ministers Discuss Cooperation in Montenegro

March 16, 2011


At a meeting of the South East European Co-operation Process, SEECP, in Montenegro’s seaside resort of Budva, Sutanovac stressed that Serbia has a significant role in promoting that cooperation He warned that, “despite the evident improvement of the regional spirit and cooperation, we should not close our eyes to obvious problems.” “In addition to the […]