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Deviant Globalization

December 21, 2012


Deviant Globalization: Black Market Economy in the 21st Century This carefully curated selection of provocative and accessible essays helps us come to grips with the dark underside of the global economy, and sheds new light on what we can and should do about it.—Peter Andreas, Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Watson Institute for […]

Rocket Science Week 2

November 16, 2011


So we are still working on our description of the strategic environment a little more feverishly as our bosses have seemed to like the direction we are going. While there hasn’t be a change to our stability indicators, we have strived to build more objective interdependency indicators. I think we are on to something. A sample […]

Rocket Science

November 3, 2011


 The picture here represents the mash-up of Ivy league smarts and State school grit.  Well not rocket science but at least the start of a political science dissertation. My colleague at Thinking Like A Cheetah (ivy leaguer) and I (state schooler) spent our afternoon creating a model of the strategic environment to help forecast capability requirements. Using the […]

Think Again: Failed States – By James Traub | Foreign Policy

July 5, 2011


Think Again: Failed States – By James Traub | Foreign Policy.

What I Learned from the World Development Report

June 11, 2011


SUBMITTED BY NIGEL ROBERTS Via Blogs of the World Bank I came to the World Development Report with years of field experience in conflict- affected countries, but I learned some startling things from the exercise. One is that violence today is very different from the violence of the Cold War era. Another is that how to […]

A Darwinian world-AFJ

May 20, 2011


I think he is incorrect in giving future global influence credit to IGOs…if his argument is the economy, then it would be corporations and/or illicit corporations. IGOs will only give credibility to actions so that one nations actions are not perceived as one sovereign infringing on another sovereign. At least we have conflict to look […]

Why failed states shouldn’t be our biggest national security fear – The Washington Post

April 18, 2011


Only a handful of the world’s failed states pose security concerns to the United States. Far greater dangers emerge from stronger developing countries that may suffer from corruption and lack of government accountability but come nowhere near qualifying as failed states. via Why failed states shouldn’t be our biggest national security fear – The Washington […]