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Deviant Globalization

December 21, 2012


Deviant Globalization: Black Market Economy in the 21st Century This carefully curated selection of provocative and accessible essays helps us come to grips with the dark underside of the global economy, and sheds new light on what we can and should do about it.—Peter Andreas, Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Watson Institute for […]

Graphic: Mexican drug cartels’ spreading influence

July 17, 2012


The Mexican drug trade has left more than 50,000 bodies in its wake since 2006, and the cartels appear to be looking to expand their networks. With this in mind, the National Post’s graphics team takes a look at the flow of drugs across the continent. byJonathon Rivait, Richard Johnson Click to Enlarge Image

Kosovo Seeks US Aid in Tackling Gangsters

December 13, 2011


via Balkans Insight Fatmir Aliu, Pristina Kosovo’s President, Atifete Jahjaga, announced the establishment of an Anti-Corruption Council, in what looked like an attempt to improve the battered image of the country as a crime haven. In a speech on Thursday to parliament, she said that democracy cannot be held hostage to the lack of will to fight […]

In Balkans, Smuggling Forges a Rare Unity

October 29, 2011


via NY Times… But as is often the case in this impoverished region, the truth is more complicated. In this instance, the authorities say, it reveals how a furious effort to protect a lucrative oil-smuggling racket has morphed into an international incident infused with troubling memories of the Balkan ethnic carnage of the ’90s. With […]

EULEX Appoints Team for Organ Trafficking Probe

August 26, 2011


EULEX Appoints Team for Organ Trafficking Probe EU rule of law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has formed a special team for investigating allegations of human organ trafficking in Kosovo. Bojana Barlovac Nicholas Hawton, a EULEX spokesman, said on Tuesday that members of a special team in charge of probing human organ trade allegations in Kosovo had been […]

Russian Fed’n Brands Kosovo Heroin Distribution Hub

August 26, 2011


Viktor Ivanov, director of the Russian Federation’s federal service for the control of drug trafficking, has today announced an initiative launched to combat drug trafficking via Kosovo that should involve five countries, including Russia and Serbia. Belgrade Tanjug Speaking during a press conference at Belgrade’s Russian Embassy, Ivanov said that he had signed a bilateral agreement with […]

Book Review: Deviant Globalization

June 11, 2011


Johann Hari’s contribution, “The Dark Side of Dubai,” continues the journalistic style survey of a the grayer side of globalization’s opulence. In an era of cheap and abundant credit, Dubai, a Shangri-La of the Middle East was build on a few decades of “ecocide, suppression, and slavery.” Hari describes a opulent oasis and adult Disneyland […]