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A Darwinian world-AFJ

May 20, 2011


I think he is incorrect in giving future global influence credit to IGOs…if his argument is the economy, then it would be corporations and/or illicit corporations. IGOs will only give credibility to actions so that one nations actions are not perceived as one sovereign infringing on another sovereign. At least we have conflict to look […]

Gates/Clinton: New Strategic Construct?

April 14, 2011


March 27: Clinton, Gates, Lugar, roundtable – Meet the Press – Transcripts – SecDef and SecState presented a new construct for National Strategy.  When asked if Libya was a vital US national interest, SecDef stated no, but the SecState followed by saying that we were in support of our allies (UK, France, and Italy), […]

NATO's Last Mission? – The Washington Post

April 12, 2011


But if this historically unreliable Anglo-French coalition proves unable to sustain a long operation, what then? There is certainly no European force that can replace it. There isn’t even a European foreign policy: Years of diplomacy, debate and endless national referendums culminated, a couple of years ago, in the selection of two powerless figureheads as […]