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How Big Would DoD Budget be Under Sequestration? Historically Big, It Turns Out.

February 16, 2013


How Big Would DoD Budget be Under Sequestration? Historically Big, It Turns Out.. Advertisements

Eisenhower: The Chance for Peace

January 21, 2013


In April 1953, the newly inaugurated American President Dwight Eisenhower sought the opportunity after the death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to reduce U.S-Soviet tensions and reduce U.S. defense spending. Washington, D.C. President Bryan, distinguished guests of this Association, and ladies and gentlemen: I am happy to be here. I say this and I mean […]

Gunslingers (U.S. Arms Sales Infograph)

August 1, 2012


GOOD Infographic: Worldwide Arms Sales DATA VISUALIZATION, INFOGRAPHICS The world arms trade is a multi-billion dollar industry with a strong economic impact on its major exporters. This infographic in collaboration with GOOD, shows the biggest international arms suppliers and buyers, and the United States’s recent dramatic jump in market share.

Infographic: U.S. Military Spending Versus Foreign Aid

July 30, 2012


 Good media platform published this infographic that portrays U.S. spending on defense and development aide in comparison to other countries. Data is from 2010 and before the recent publication of the new Defense Strategic Guidance and new budget priorities. Development assistance spending and military spending appear to promote two contradictory sets of values: one that builds and one that […]

Disruptive Technology and Reforming the Pentagon Establishment—Part II

July 16, 2012


Part II of a reblog from Small Wars Journal Disruptive Technology and Reforming the Pentagon Establishment—Part II The Origin of MRAPs in DoD by Thaddeus L. Jankowski “Dear Mr. Secretary, thank you for your letter of June 27th 2011…As I noted when you were here in June you had my back throughout that time. More […]

Occupy Tysons Corner

November 6, 2011


Excerpt from the Washington Post on 6 Nov No, not the Northern Virginia shopping malls outside Washington. Rather, the government contractors located there, which have metastasized as federal agencies have outsourced more of their work with the “reinventing government” push of the 1990s and the homeland security boom of the past decade. The federal government […]

Take a Deep Breath, Pentagon

November 3, 2011


via Danger Room By Spencer Ackerman Don’t believe the poverty story that the service chiefs brought to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday morning, shortly after McHugh ended his breakfast meeting. The so-called “sequestration” process that the chiefs fear, whereby automatic congressional cuts decimate the Pentagon budget — in Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s memorable […]