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Why the Balkans (a quick turn around the region in 2013)

December 31, 2013


Thankfully the Center for Preventive Action’s recent release of its Preventive Priorities Survey: 2014 doesn’t include the Balkans on its list of conflicts that could break out or escalate in the next year. So why am I still drawn to the Balkans in my study of conflict analysis and resolution? There certainly are a number […]

Revolutionary Summer Reading

August 20, 2013


My summer reading has taken my reading list on a bit of a turn toward the revolutionary… Reza Aslan, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth From the Publisher: Sifting through centuries of mythmaking, Reza Aslan sheds new light on one of history’s most influential and enigmatic characters by examining Jesus through the lens of the […]

December 9, 2012


Erza has a new website! “Nationalism, no matter if it is Albanian or Serbian, will only lead to further conflicts, insecurity, and possibly even to territorial partitioning (such as possible separation of Northern Kosova).” Erza Aruqaj

Why do California academics want to keep Kosovo in the dark?

March 20, 2012


By The Commentator on 19 March 2012 The World Bank is in danger of forgetting its remit. Letting Kosovo’s economy grow is imperative. Without going too jargon crazy about the abundance of lignite coal in Kosovo, it’s worth highlighting how a wealthy Californian academic and his green-eyed ideological fellow-travellers are colluding to stop impoverished Kosovans getting fast […]

In Balkans, Smuggling Forges a Rare Unity

October 29, 2011


via NY Times… But as is often the case in this impoverished region, the truth is more complicated. In this instance, the authorities say, it reveals how a furious effort to protect a lucrative oil-smuggling racket has morphed into an international incident infused with troubling memories of the Balkan ethnic carnage of the ’90s. With […]

EULEX Appoints Team for Organ Trafficking Probe

August 26, 2011


EULEX Appoints Team for Organ Trafficking Probe EU rule of law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has formed a special team for investigating allegations of human organ trafficking in Kosovo. Bojana Barlovac Nicholas Hawton, a EULEX spokesman, said on Tuesday that members of a special team in charge of probing human organ trade allegations in Kosovo had been […]

Russian Fed’n Brands Kosovo Heroin Distribution Hub

August 26, 2011


Viktor Ivanov, director of the Russian Federation’s federal service for the control of drug trafficking, has today announced an initiative launched to combat drug trafficking via Kosovo that should involve five countries, including Russia and Serbia. Belgrade Tanjug Speaking during a press conference at Belgrade’s Russian Embassy, Ivanov said that he had signed a bilateral agreement with […]