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Chaos Fueled by Caffeine

June 1, 2015


There is a theme trending in these Military Writers Guild interviews — life. Not everyone has the luxury of sequestering ourselves away to make writing happen. At this point, I’m not so sure that would be a luxury at all. The precious time that we steal away to write make those words even more valuable. Perhaps that […]

A New Approach?

December 10, 2012


In the December 2011 issue of Armed Forces Journal, retired Army Major General Robert Scales offers a new approach to predicting the threats on which to position our nation’s military (Robert Scales, “The 7,000: What history tells us we’ll need tomorrow,” Armed Forces Journal, December 2011). He offers that he shares the company of William Lind […]

Attack the Enemy’s Strategy

December 7, 2012


General James Mattis (Author), MG John R. Allen (Author), MG Daniel Bolger (Author), Bevin Alexander (Author), John DeRosa (Author), Ralph Peters (Author), Michael Yon (Author), COL John Antal (Editor), PJ Putnam  (Editor) Today, there is no more important issue to the warfighter than the topic of irregular warfare and, specifically, counterinsurgency. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States military, partnered with coalition forces, is fighting the long war. The outcome […]

Take a Deep Breath, Pentagon

November 3, 2011


via Danger Room By Spencer Ackerman Don’t believe the poverty story that the service chiefs brought to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday morning, shortly after McHugh ended his breakfast meeting. The so-called “sequestration” process that the chiefs fear, whereby automatic congressional cuts decimate the Pentagon budget — in Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s memorable […]

Alternative Futures to 2028 for the U.S. Army

October 29, 2011


Alternative Futures to 2028 for the U.S. Army. James facilitated a great week of thinking about weak signals, signposts, game changers, trends and implications about the strategic and operational environment out to 2028. Thanks James! Enjoyed the dialogue!

Dempsey Lays Out Themes for Tenure as Army Chief

April 12, 2011

0 News Article: Dempsey Lays Out Themes for Tenure as Army Chief. Dempsey Lays Out Themes for Tenure as Army Chief By Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, April 11, 2011 – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates wanted an Army chief of staff willing to challenge the status quo, and he believes he has […]